This fundraiser is sponsored by Shopify, TeamTrees, and Jean-Michel Lemieux. 


Why plant trees?

It's the cheapest and most scalable way to clean the extra CO2 that we've pumped into our atmosphere. See more at https://www.shopify.ca/about/environment and this article on why Tree Planting has "Mind Blowing" potential to tackle the climate crisis.

Is this the biggest Sneaker Heist in history of the internet?

No. Seriously. This is supported by Shopify and Jean-Michel. You know where to find us :)

Who is #TeamTrees?

Team trees is a fundraiser backed by the Arbour Day Foundation, an organization with decades of environmental program management and expertise in tree planting.

How to get in touch with Sneaker Trees?

For media inquiries, contact info@sneakertress.org or press@sneakertrees.org.

Sneaker Donors

Will I get a tax receipt for the donation?

Unfortunately no. Since we are pooling our donations and donating as a Sneaker group it's impossible to give. However, the entire amount of the tax credit that will be received will be put towards the Shopify Sustainability Fund.

Why do you need a deposit?

Deposits will cover the administrative overhead of generating labels. These will be completely reimbursable once we receive the shoes.

How does shipping reimbursement work for donations?

All refunds will be applied to the deposit credit card. 

What happens if my shoe pledge get lost in the mail? Are you buying shipping insurance?

Shipping insurance will not be provided. However, tracking information will be available.

If you are shipping from the rest of the world, feel free to purchase shipping insurance!

What condition do the shoes need to be in?

We're looking for NEW aka DEAD STOCK SHOES only. 

Is there a min or max retail value for sneakers I can donate?

Yes. Donated shoes should have a minimum retail value of $100 USD.

Sneaker Buyers

Can I get a queue bypass?

For once, I can say yes...for 5 select people selected through twitter.

How does shipping work for buyers? 

During the sale, we will be shipping anywhere in the world with standard shipping rates.

How long does will shipments take?

Shipping length is determined by the carrier you select at check out. 

Am I responsible to cover any duties associated with my purchase?

Yes, buyers are responsible for covering any duties associated with their purchase.

How did you price items?

Prices will be set at market price on StockX +10-30% the day before the sale.

Are all the shoes verified?

Yes, all shoes have been verified by Shopify sneakerheads.

Is there a return policy?

Sorry folks - this is final sale only.